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Welcome to for this Wednesday Evening, July 1st, 2015


   The Website has recently added a new suite of features for all registered users and, as always, it is all completely free of charge! As you may have noticed, this website also makes use of the domain name (verses .net) and now, with help from google, all members may receive their own Google Apps account. This account includes your own yourname@ email address (with over 6GB of storage space) as well as access to online private or public calendars (great for planning those reunion schedules). You also get to use Google's new Docs & Spreadsheets applications (like Word & Excel) and it is all yours free for the asking.

   To sign up, all you need to do is send an email to the site administrator (link below) with a note requesting your free account. You should receive a response once the account is set up and that's it! Your email account password will be the same as your account password (which you can request if you have forgotten) so this might be a good time to update those profiles and choose a new password that is easy for you to remember BEFORE requesting your new email account. That way you are not stuck using the garbled mess of a password you are assigned when you first created your account. Besides, I'm sure a lot has happened since you first signed up right?

   If you are planning a reunion this upcoming summer, feel free to contact the administrator through the online messaging system (use link below). It might also be a good idea to contact other people that plan to help set up your reunion and decide who your primary contact should be. It is best to get all your dates/times/locations down before asking to have your information posted to this site. This helps stop the spread of mis-information and makes less work for us in the process (which we appreciate).

Learn more about the Google Apps Suite

Send the Administrator an Account Request

Enjoy these new features and be sure to tell your friends!

- Staff